Sunday, March 9, 2014

Liam Neeson Blasts Mayor de Blasio

The lunatic left wants to ban carriage horses in NYC.  Goof for Neeson and his fight against this.NY Daily News reports:
Actor Liam Neeson who hosted a dozen City Council members Sunday at the stables that house Central Park carriage horses showed some unbridled anger at Mayor de Blasio’s absence

“He should have manned up and come," Neeson said about Hizzoner. "I'm disappointed he's not here."

The “Non-Stop” actor invited all 51 council members to the stables to show the horses are treated humanely in a bid to derail the mayor's planned ban on the industry.

"These horses are well cared for," said Neeson, who has become the carriage drivers' highest-profile ally, at the Clinton Park Stables on W. 52nd St., where 78 carriage horses bed down...

"I'm firm about the fact that we have to make this move," said de Blasio, who skipped the tour with Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito (D-Manhattan).

"The reason I want to visit the stables and will do it when the schedule allows is because we want to work with the folks who operate those horse carriages and get them new opportunities in other types of related work," he said, citing a proposal to replace the carriages with antique electric cars. "We want to make sure we're listening to their concerns as we do it, but I'm clear about where we need to go."...

Advocacy group NYCLASS, which has been the force behind the ban, said the stables’ conditions aren’t the primary reason to ban the carriages.
"It’s inhumanity of horses working in dangerous midtown traffic. Horses are easily spooked, and forcing them to work in loud, congested Lincoln Tunnel traffic is cruel and unsafe," the group said in a statement.


  1. Yep. It will be really good for the horses to get euthanized. Typical Left, no capacity for thought beyond a knee-jerk reaction.

  2. Is this idiot that hard up for publicity that he defends animal cruelty? Carriage horses have DIED in the streets from the heat, exhaustion, stress, etc. What does he even know about it, except he may have taken for a ride in one.

  3. Liam Neeson better watch it. Going after Bill De Blasio like this may get him blackballed in Hollywood. You don't criticize a socialist hero like that.