Thursday, March 13, 2014

Murray Sabrin Reports From the Campaign Trail

Candidate for nomination as the New Jersey Republican US Senator, Murray Sabrin, emails:
Last night at the Middlesex County Republican Screening Committee, I came in first, three votes shy of a 2/3 majority for an outright endorsement.  I received the most votes in all three rounds of voting.   One county leader told me that she was not going to vote for me, but after hearing my five-minute presentation and listening to my responses during a 15-minute Q&A session, she became an enthusiastic supporter.  After making a 15-20 minute presentation, most county committeemen and women realize who has the best chance to defeat Cory Booker in the fall.  Next stop, the County Convention on March 22.
In short, with several counties holding their conventions next week, I am building a head of steam I expected when I announced my candidacy four weeks ago...

All the pieces are falling in place for winning the Republican nomination, because my opponents do not have the statewide or national name recognition nor will they have the resources to run a competitive campaign against Cory Booker in the fall.  

At our first candidate forum three weeks ago, I was the only candidate to mention the federal government’s $200 trillion unfunded liabilities that will crush today’s young people’s income, because they will have to pay up to 65% of their income to Uncle Sam.  Now, all my opponents mention the unfunded liabilities of the federal government.  That, my friends, is called leadership.  Or, in my profession, plagiarism.  But then again, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

For a free and prosperous America,


  1. If Murray is not a threat to the establishment, he will do well. The moment he becomes a threat, he will suddenly begin to fail. Honest elections are not part of American politics. Sending money to Murray is nice, but won't work because Murray will not be allowed to buy success. It is only for sale to those who do not threaten the establishment. The election will be won by the Diebold Corporation.

    1. It doesn't matter if Murray gets elected or not (though it would be great if he did). Just having him in a debate against Cory Booker would be great. I just finished taping the Robert Wenzel Show with Murray as my guest, he is solid, a hardcore libertarian and is very good at getting his points across. Do not miss the interview it will be up Sunday.

    2. +1000!!!

      I didn't donate to Murray to win. I did it because his campaign will expose the evil and rot at the core of our government.

      If (BIG IF) he wins, it's just gravy. Having a pure libertarian attacking Booker will be good for us all.

    3. If it looks as if Murray would do well in a debate, he will be excluded from the debate and the fact that he is being excluded will be excluded from news coverage of the debate.

    4. There is a circular argument going on: even though we can't win rigged elections, we should keep trying so that our campaigns can educate the masses. We want to educate the masses so more of them will vote for our candidates. Question: if the elections are rigged, and the news is rigged, what good is it to educate the masses. The goal of the rulers is to rule - no matter what the masses want or think. Educating them only makes them educated slaves.

      The implied hope is that somehow there can be a peaceful revolution back toward liberty. My personal opinion is that that will not be allowed. I am not willing to throw more money at it. The enemy is already taking plenty of my money. And they don't waste it on talk. They buy ammunition.

  2. Is he still for building a wall all along the Mexican border?

  3. I wasted my money donating to Ron Paul's campaign. I won't make the same mistake twice. Although maybe Sabrin won't give up before the end like Paul did.