Friday, March 7, 2014

North America's Most Traffic Congested Metro Regions

According to a study released by the data firm INRIX:

10. Boston

9. Seattle

8. San Jose

7. Bridgeport, CT

6. New York

5. Montreal

4. Austin

3. San Francisco

2. Honolulu

1. Los Angeles

Always keep in mind what Andrew Galambos said:
A traffic jam is a collision between free enterprise and socialism.

For free market solutions to traffic jams, see Walte Block's The Privatization of Roads and Highways: Human and Economic Factors.


  1. By quoting Galambos aren't you violating your own IP principles?

    1. No one's around to make a claim to the Galambos quote, so why would he? His quote is officially unowned(though attributed) and has moved into the public sphere of ownership. See Bastiat for a nice theory about such.

  2. No traffic jams in a free market! Nothing bad exists in a free market. Can someone die in a traffic accident in a free market? Nope. Car accidents are caused by fractional reserve banking since easy credit means anyone can get a car.

    Free market = garden of eden before Adam ate the apple.


    1. Straw man. Try to bring an actual argument if you want to be taken seriously.

  3. Entrepreneurs bear uncertainty; JW prays to the state to remove uncertainty, yet it persists. The universe is deaf to his pleas to be something other than it is. The people best capable of dealing with uncertainty are individuals in respect of non-aggression; JW wants the state to deal with uncertainty by forcing people to pretend that it doesn't exist.
    Free markets=Entrepreneurs dealing with uncertainty to create wealth
    The state=The use of force paid for by the destruction of wealth in order to pretend that uncertainty does not exist
    This author=out