Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rand Paul: My Foreign Policy Is In Line with George Bush the First

Rand Paul appeared on FOX News this morning and said:
I see my foreign policy in the same line as what came out of probably the first George Bush... I see it coming out of mainstream of the Republican position.
Rand has either forgotten that GW, the first, invaded Panama and Iraq or he has gone total neocon. Anyone who has not seen the documentary The Panama Deception should do so, to understand the horrific nature of the U.S. invasion of Panama.


  1. How long until he proposes a new order for the whole world?

  2. I enjoy the economic part of this "blog" I do not however like the hit piece stuff. Rand is by far the best guy going, any libertarian worth his salt knows he's not one. Why you beat a dead horse & down the guy, when he's a mainstream liberty advocate, is beyond me. People who read Wenzel are libertarians & perhaps the odd Keynesian looking for you too slip up. Dishing Rand, is understandable from a pure libertarian perspective, but you consistently throw the baby out with the bath water, arrogantly I'll add. I'll continue to read your blog, but I won't bother with the Rand posts anymore.

    1. Another one who wishes to keep sleeping and deluding himself.
      Rather than see in just which ways his poster boy Rand is slowly betraying any principles of "liberty" as 2016 comes closer, he'd prefer no longer reading articles about it because it interferes too much with his delusion.
      You can recognize the shill and the sheep by their capacity to deal with criticism.

      YES, he is the best guy going, this guy who now wants to emulate Bush the elder's foreign policy . What a sad tragic affair the Rand apologist has become.

    2. Have you ever heard the phrase "War Is the Health of the State"? I guess not by they way you are attacking Robert Wenzel. Well that phrase really is beyond partisan politics and beautifully sums up the relationship between our rights as citizens and the virulent spread of militarism into civil society. You my friend are ignorant of this relationship just like your hero Rand Paul, although I believe he is ignorant out of a desire to scale the heights of the fascist Republican hierarchy.

      Since when is exposing the truth to the light of day, like this website does on a daily basis, somehow equated with being a savage hit piece on your hero. Rand Paul is now exposed to all the world as a blood lusting neocon who hopes to fire up the Cold War and therefore expose our rights, under the Bill of Rights to being seriously quashed by a mindless and overarching government hell bent on total control. You stand exposed as a mindless follower of the Cult of Paul who is incapable of making a well reasoned argument, and can be classified as nothing more than a blind sycophantic follower like all your Tea Party brethren.

      By the way, parties are for the mentally challenged in society, but it is never stated openly in polite company, lest the clueless take offense.

    3. Remain ignorant and stupid at your peril pal.

    4. Well first of all Rand is hardly my hero, second I'm not the one deluding my self by expecting America to suddenly elect Murray Rothbard. So spare me your "delusions" I fully understand who Rand is. He is not his father, those of you who claim to love Liberty are mostly full of shit. I use that term advisedly, because any step toward Liberty, which Rand is, is positive. So continue living in your Alex Jones world if you like, I'd like to improve it in reality, not just theory.

    5. When Rand emulates Bush Sr.'s foreign policy, i hope you'll like the blood on your hands.
      You can take pride in the fact that you're a "realist" while we won't be partially responsible for the deaths of innocents like you'll be.

      You're right, people who despise warmongers don't love liberty do they?. It's positive to spew Reaganesque rhetoric about liberty while also showing admiration for Bush Senior's wars.

      This is why the so-called "purists" want no part of the likes of you. You'll sell your soul for a few scraps at a politician's feet, which you don't even have any reason to believe are coming your way. It's pathetic.

    6. A "realist" is code for statist. It's a cowardly excuse to justify cronyism.

      "You'll sell your soul for a few scraps at a politician's feet, which you don't even have any reason to believe are coming your way. It's pathetic."

      Pathetic is right. These idiots are desperate they'll satisfy themselves with eating the cold rotting food that falls from their master's table. They need to stop being a fucking slave and start being independent.

      "Realist". LOL! How desperate can they get?

  3. He puts Israel above America and he loves George Bush. What a delusional POS!

  4. Don't forgot the disaster that was Somalia was started under Bush l also.

  5. Ok Rand supporters......eyes open yet or are your eyes going to remain tightly shut like Dave? Fucking idiots.

  6. Or he's lying for other unknown reasons?

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