Thursday, March 20, 2014

Robert Reich: Rand Paul Is Not a Principled Libertarian

Robert Reich, a former member of Bill Clinton's cabinet and currently Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at Berkeley, attended Rand Paul's speech (SEE: Rand Paul Does Berkeley).

I caught up with Reich and asked him what he thought about Rand. He told me that he still didn't know enough about Rand to form a complete opinion but he did say that "Rand fashions himself a libertarian but holds a lot of non-libertarian principles."

Reich went on to say, "It's easy to be against the NSA," suggesting that Rand has problems taking on tough issues.


  1. It is a shame that you were not able to ask Rand a question during the Q/A. I am most interested to hear his rationalization of his Russia/Ukraine position. I think he clearly staked that out to reassure the neocons that he is 'electable' but I think it is a political mis-calculation with potentially large implications. He best hope that situation fades to the background come primary season - something he no doubt hopes will happen.

    I know Reich is short but you tower over him like bigfoot in this pic!

  2. This website has an embarrassing problem with Rand Paul derangement syndrome. Who cares what a Clinton Crime Syndicate associate has to say about Rand Paul. Yes, we understand that Rand is not a real libertarian like his father. Get over it. Real libertarians are politically doomed because only a tiny fraction of American voters are libertarians. If you want to live in the big white mansion on Pennsylvania Ave. then you have to play the corrupt establishment game and do what your handlers tell you to do. This shocks no one except Bob Wenzel apparently.

    So what's next, asking Hillary Clinton what she thinks of Rand? Please find someone else to get obsessed about. This is getting kind of pathetic.

    P.S. Don't worry Bob, the Repulsivecan establishment will make sure that a business-as-usual hack like Chris Christy or Jeb Bush gets nominated because they want barbarian invader amnesty, corporate bailouts and a war with Russia, Venezuela, Iran, etc.