Friday, March 7, 2014

Ron Paul Disputes Former RT Anchor's Claim

RT reports:
Former US Congressman Ron Paul responds to allegations voiced by the channel’s ex-host Liz Wahl that RT censored his interview, in which he criticized foreign intervention in Ukraine.

“The programming yesterday, as all other ones, I thought was very fair. I listened to the replay of the whole thing,” Paul said on his official online channel on March 6.

“I didn’t think it was slanted in any way. I thought what they reported was exactly what I said,” he added.

The former presidential candidate was addressing the allegations made by RT’s ex-presenter Liz Wahl, who publicly resigned on March 5 following her interview with Ron Paul. Wahl cited the Russian channel’s “censorship” of her interview with Ron Paul as one of the reasons for her resignation.

Wahl’s “questions were all legitimate,” Paul reiterates. “I would say that it essentially all got in there in a fair and balanced manner but she implied [that] they edited something I said that might have benefited her position. I don’t recall any of that. I thought the report and the essence of what they put on TV was exactly the message I was trying to get out.”

Wahl is beginning to look more and more like a woman with an agenda.

Here's the clip:

Read RT’s response to Liz Wahl’s resignation here.
In an interview with BuzzFeed, Larry King, whose interview series Politicking airs exclusively on RT, also confirmed that his program “always runs in full. They’ve never edited a show.
Jay Stephenson writes
Something is very strange about this Liz Wahl.   She also gave thedespicable Jamie Kirchick her first interview shortly after resigning.


  1. Company operation in every way. They even took time to comment on this blog about how heartbroken they were that we could possibly watch RT. They're slipping.

  2. Why even interview Ron Paul on foreign policy? The answer is no. Even if Putin was dropping napalm on the people the answer is no, do nothing. Being oppressed by Putin is not so bad. You can sing songs, drink cheap vodka, etc.

    1. Hey Jerry, when are you leaving for Ukraine to "fight for freedom"? Send us a postcard.

    2. i see what you did there Jerry, nice reference to Walter. but still wrong. Are you part of decaying Times outfit too.

    3. "You can sing songs, drink cheap vodka, etc."

      It was funny the first time when you quoted a variant of Block it in regard to Bitcoiners, now it's just old hat/repetitive and dull.

      You're becoming the Carlos Mencia of political commentary. Not a good place to be.

  3. It is not so complex.

    In a situation like this one is almost forced to take sides if one has no spine.
    Liz Wahl was seeing her future and ambitions as a reporter/host crumbling in the event she chose to stick with RT. Her career took precedence over integrity and she decided to ingratiate herself with America's MSM before it was too late.

    I'm sure she will be able to get a job with networks that have standards of objectivity and journalistic integrity, like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX etc.

  4. Why interview John McCain on foreign policy? The answer is yes. Even if Putin is no worse than Obama, the answer is yes, war war war. Being oppressed by Obama is not so bad, you can sing Glory glory hallehula and recite the pledge of allegiance while you are spied on, robbed on April 15 and felt up by some TSA goon at the airport....