Friday, March 21, 2014

Ron Paul: 'Privacy is dead and gone'

As always, great observations from Ron Paul:
This is what happens when government gets too big and they start spying on each other, then what`s going to happen when ObamaCare, if that ever gets really going?...privacy is dead and gone. I think it`s a general principle. It`s just not the IRS. It`s the TSA. It`s the NSA. And it`s the principle of the Fourth Amendment...

And the other thing is, is, I have come to the point where I don`t have much faith and confidence of any investigation or any commission, because they never punish anybody. It`s usually a cover-up. And you can look at any one of them. You don`t see government agents getting punished. It`s usually that they get covered up.

You know who gets punished? The whistle-blower is more likely to be punished, because they are revealing what`s happening.
Video here.


  1. It has nothing to do with privacy...They own us like a farmer owns livestock.
    The psychopath apes in DC just view us as their tax livestock...not sovereign humans.

  2. LInX has just popped on the radar today.
    So yes privacy is long dead.

  3. @anonymous, unfortunately yes most people seem to think they should just be granted freedom for some reason and seem content to continue free riding off the efforts of others and rely on legal code for their protection instead of taking proactive steps to claim their sovereignty through the use of tools where rights are enforced by software code. But perhaps that is why other livestock like cows or chickens are in a similar condition; their inability to use force multiplying tools to acquire protection.

    For example, sites like Wikileaks and tools like Maid Safe, Bittorrent or Namecoin enforce the First Amendment. Tools like PGP, ZRTP and BitMessage enforce the Fourth Amendment. And tools like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Mastercoin, etc. enforce private property or contract clauses enforce the Fifth Amendment or Article 1 Section 10 Clause 1.

  4. @Mayer

    The people who complain about free-riding are often free-riding themselves on millions of people's labor over centuries. We didn't make up language, or mathematics, or code, nor get food, peace and prosperity and the wherewithal to develop all that just on one our own, did we?

    Privacy is not anything we should have to fight for if we lived in a civilized world. It should be the default position of civilized people..
    I don't think blaming people for criminal hacking is a great idea.

    Rights are not enforced by software code. If you think the average person can use software that can thwart the government or even a fairly capable hacker, you are being very misleading. There is not such thing as a secure computer for most people. Unless you have tens of thousands to spend, you are better off not using the web for anything sensitive.

    Same with cell phone. Just now, I mentioned your name to Wenzel on the cell, and lo, you show up on his blog. One would think someone was listening in, no:?
    Gave me the creeps.

    Wikileaks doesn't "enforce" the first amendment against the government in a neutral way. It selectively goes after things that support certain policy positions of the elites.

    Many regard it as a tool of the shadow state. Most of the code developers come out of the corporations that work with the government routinely, share the same boards.

    Sorry. I don't buy any of this.