Sunday, March 30, 2014

Shocking Statistics on Black Youth Unemployment

The above headline is featured at Socialist Alternative web site.

The story following the headline goes on to report:
A report released recently by the Chicago Urban League has shed a new and blinding light on the failures of capitalism to provide for working people, particularly those of color. The report revealed that the unemployment rate of black male teenagers in the city of Chicago is at an astounding 92%. This means that only about one in thirteen black males aged sixteen to nineteen hold some form of legal employment, even if it’s employment with few hours and low pay.
An equally appalling released in this study highlights the similarly dire situation for this demographic nationwide, with 83% of black males aged sixteen to nineteen being unemployed. Indeed, there are fewer jobs for these teenagers to fill as more and more adults with families, often with four-year college degrees, seek out “teenager jobs” in food service, retail, and hospitality due to the lack of jobs in their own traditional fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2013 that the number of college graduates working minimum-wage jobs in 2012 was 71% more than in 2002, and more than twice as many as had been in 2006, before the Great Recession.
Socialist Alternative is a major supporter of the $15 minimum wage being promoted by Kshama Sawant:
Socialist Alternative is the nationwide organization that got Kshama Sawant elected as an unapologetic socialist to the Seattle city council...Starting immediately after the November 2013 election Kshama Sawant and Socialist Alternative – and subsequently 15 Now – have repeatedly attempted to bring together an effective and strong alliance of labor and grassroots activists for $15.
Got that? Low skilled black youth are currently blocked from entering the jobs market. This is mostky because the current minimum wage is higher than their hourly marginal revenue product. It's basic economics. No firm is going to pay an unskilled worker $9.00 an hour, if his skills will only generate $7.00 an hour in added revenue. But, the Socialist Alternative doesn't see this as a problem of government regulation preventing free exchange, no, to SA, it is a failure of capitalism and they want to raise the minimum wage even higher!


  1. You know, I sometimes wonder if these policies aren't deliberately designed to target black youth. Why is it all the things that are promoted - minimum wage laws, dependency, drugs, public schools - all seem to leave the victims of the benevolence WORSE off? Socialism's state goals and it's real goals might be two different things, possibly?

    1. You mean, like keeping the lower class stewing in their own wretchedness while pretending to help them, and then blaming capitalism for it, so as to agitate for more and more hostility?
      With the result of working slowly toward that revolution mentality that socialists really want?

    2. Every time that I hear these types of "leaders" speak, I can't help but wonder if:

      (a) They really are that stupid and clueless;
      (b) They are actually evil geniuses, intent on destroying society in order to achieve total power; or
      (c) They simply don't care and therefore just say anything that they think will resonate with the public.

      I keep going back and forth between (a), (b) and (c). Although, when I try to engage their followers in debate, it seems that their followers truly are clueless.

  2. I am always amazed at your typical left winger who sees it as someone elses responsibility to start businesses and employ people. Why don't these so-called smart caring people pool their assets together and start businesses that employ these people according to the standards they seem to want to cram down the throats of everyone else. If they are right about them they will be wildly successful and then businesses will copy what they are doing. Instead, its their usual uncaring solution to everything, let government do it and someone else pay for it, No matter how often they see that the things government does it fails at. You have to be a pretty cold SOB to want to place fellow human beings into the care of a cold hearted bureaucracy with a long history of implementing failed social policies.

  3. The socialist alternative requires terrorists to go around stealing from the capitalists.
    I hate terrorist socialist parasites...HATE!