Monday, March 3, 2014

Snatched Downing Street Photo Reveals UK's Russian Policy

Thanks to this photo, we now know what the UK's position on Russia at present. Let's see how the US will muscle Russia to change its views.

Via the Telegraph:
A secret briefing document held by an individual walking into Downing Street has been photographed. It suggests the UK will oppose trade sanctions against Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.
Freelance photographer Steve Back of Political Pictures snapped the document.
The document also suggests that the UK will not try and restrict Russian trade through the City of London.
It does, however, suggest that Britain may place visa restrictions on some Russians.


  1. The U.K. may best well remember it's past and rather quickly. Although most in America consider the U,K. an ally, it will also allow it to sink in it's on mess. I rather think if put to a vote on the ballot in the U.S. as to what this document says, we may vote to not bother helping you when you may need it most, or at least wait awhile till it gets really bad again.

  2. The U.K. should look to it past to remind itself what happens when you bet on the wrong horse. The American People may not always be that vocal, but they will be if they perceive a long term ally to be walking away from them. They may even be compelled to not want anything to do with them. That could include many things here. When the people start passing petitions and start making Congress uncomfortable, many things could and do happen.

  3. If one accepts that the same elite that controls Washington also controls London, this is the second of at least two interesting events in the recent past, the first being the British parliament vote against military action in Syria.

    Is it decided that the US state is pushing it too far?