Friday, March 7, 2014

Spitzer Madam, and Former Libertarian Party Canidate, Pleads Guilty to Drug Dealing

NyPo reports:
The notorious “Manhattan Madam” — who loves to boast that she provided hookers for ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer — is facing up to five years behind bars after copping a plea Friday to being a drug dealer.
Former escort-service operator Kristin Davis, 38, pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to illegally peddling hundreds of sleeping pills, muscle relaxants and other prescriptions pills between January and April of 2013.
Under the deal with the government, Davis isn’t admitting to charges that she also sold oxycodone and amphetamines. She only plead guilty to one of the four drug distribution and possession counts she was charged with in August. Each count carries up to 20 years in the slammer.
The feds say she sold the pills to a Manhattan dealer from whom she had bought drugs in the past, and who secretly began working as an informant after getting arrested in December 2012.
“Today Ms. Davis took responsibility for her actions,” her lawyer Dan Hochheiser told reporters following the court appearance.
Hochheiser said the plea deal will allow Davis to “get on with her life” and go back to school. Hochheiser declined to specify what the buxom bleach blonde would be studying or where she will be heading.
He also said he is hopeful she’ll avoid jail time when Judge Edgardo Ramos sentences her July 25.
Davis declined comment.
The notorious hooker booker made headlines last year when she filed papers to run as a Libertarian Party candidate for city comptroller. She had announced her brief campaign in July a day after Spitzer — who resigned in disgrace over a prostitution scandal — said he would challenge Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer for the Democratic nomination.


  1. Ah, the same bimbo a Repuglicant operative foisted off on the naive NYC Libertarians in order to discredit them. I recall WZ interviewed him for a podcast, and there was a bit of a flap about it.

  2. VERY nice...........