Monday, March 17, 2014

Statistics On Russia's Trade with the EU and Ukraine

Here are  statistics on Russia’s trade with the EU and Ukraine:
In 2013, the EU accounted for 45 percent of Russia’s exports, two-thirds of which were natural gas and oil, according to World Trade Organization statistics. Last year, Russia imported $344 billion worth of products from Europe, with machinery ($53 billion) and vehicles ($38 billion) among the biggest import items. The EU supplies about one-third of Russia’s imports.

Ukraine last year sold about $15.75 billion worth of products to Russia – its largest market – with iron and steel and cereals its principal export items. Russia is also major source of Ukraine’s imports, accounting for $25.6 billion of Ukraine purchases, or just under a third of the country’s $77 billion total; the EU accounted for just slightly less.

By comparison, U.S. trade with Ukraine is negligible, just $2.9 billion in both directions last year.
(Data via The Bellingham Herald--HT Stefan Karlsson)


  1. "U.S. trade with Ukraine is negligible, just $2.9 billion in both directions last year."
    A decade ago Americans were importing nice Ukrainian brides. As a rule, one had full use of them until they got their citizenship papers.
    Now, in this ObamaNation, it is the other way around.

    1. JT -

      As a corollary, this is the only aspect of federal recognition of gay marriage I can support. If I could import a nice handsome Ukranian man and help him get citizenship in the US...

      Oh, wait- why would ANYONE want to bring another human under the control of the US Empire.

      I withdraw my support.

  2. It is nor always bad if they trade with each others.