Friday, March 28, 2014

The Best and Worst Tippers in America

An analysis of tens of millions of transactions across the US by payment service Square revealed that, when customers left a tip, Alaska (17%), Arkansas (16.9%), and North Carolina (16.8%) registered the three highest average tips for any US state. Delaware (14%), Hawaii (15.1%), and South Dakota (15.3%) registered the three lowest.

The highest average tip for any individual city was Denver, Colorado, at 16.8%, followed by Chicago (16.7%), Tampa (16.4%), Atlanta (16.3%), and Austin (16.2%). The nationwide average, according to Square’s data, is roughly 16.1%.

Square’s also collected data on the percentage of customers who tip at all. This varies from Illinois, where people left a little extra over 61% of the time, to Delaware, where fewer than 38% of transactions added a tip. 


  1. Too bad this data doesn't show tipping by sex. My experience as a waiter with female customers was much like that of waitresses: women are tightfisted. They tend also to be more demanding, and everyone loathed getting stuck with a tableful of women out to lunch. One would be lucky if the only hassle was a demand for separate checks.

  2. Too bad this does not show the wage a server makes per hour in each state...AZ was $2.17 in 2005 per hour....