Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Big Bad Private Jet Every Billionaire Wants

It's the  GulfstreamG650. The list price is $65 million, and there is a waiting lisy. You'll have to wait for nearly 4 years to get one after you sign up. The G650 has a top speed of 611 mph, just 3 mph slower than a Boeing 747, and can fly you from New York to Beijing non-stop.

Video here.


  1. Worth every penny, at least under current crony-capitalism rules. How do you present-value the possibility that more enlightened public policy might enter into the system?

    In turn, fun to see the advertisement currently under your post. A Brooks Brothers shirt deal, 3 of them for $225. Just did a (quick) Google search on dress shirt prices in 1977, the year the Federal Reserve Reform Act was passed, and the first time the Congress directed the Fed to pursue 'stable prices' (along with other things) in monetary policy. A 'locally made shirt' at Saks Fifth Avenue was $30 in 1977. Assuming 3 shirts in Brooks Brothers gets you a 'deal,' compared to one shirt, just assume one shirt today is $90. Dress shirt prices have rise 300% since we directed the Fed by law to pursue 'stable prices,' even after the amazing contributions of international trade and technology to 'our' welfare.

  2. Well, those were 1977 dress shirts which sucked by today's standards. A 6 billion dollar government study recently proved that modern dress shirts are over 300% dressier than the ancient version. Style inflation, baby! We're all Keynesians now

  3. I paid a little more for my G650.(built in sauce rack).
    It's really a good deal considering the tax deductible of 7585 dollars per mile.

  4. For only 80 million: