Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Fat Man and Crony Auto Dealers

MSNBC's Chris Hayes has done an awesome report out detailing how New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has clamped down on the auto manufacturer Tesla and suffocated  free enterprise, all for the benefit of auto dealers who have made significant donations to Christie and other Republicans.

The video is here.


  1. Government...Mafia...What's the difference?
    Political Terrorists are FAR worse than freelance Mafia Dons.
    Realtor Association, Teacher Union, Car Dealer Association are just effing terror groups.

  2. Thanks to Amazon, I haven't been inside a criminal franchise car dealership in over 10 years.
    They are a den of thieves like Congress...Filthy little Parasites.

  3. What's the big deal with crony capitalist Musk losing out to crony NJ car dealers anyway? It's a political battle of cronies, no good can come of it no matter who wins.

    1. Jimmy's bang on

    2. Yep, it's a war between two parasites. Who cares who "wins"? I'd have had much more respect for Musk if he just outright failed on his own in his auto industry startup without hauling in taxpayer money to try to save his ass.