Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The "There is No Inflation" Report: Cigarettes and Bacon

WSJ reports:
Bacon prices haven’t been held back by a weak economic recovery. The price for America’s favorite cured meat increased at more than three-times the rate of inflation since 2008. Users of peanut butter, tobacco and college text books may also have a hard time believing inflation is mild...

Long-distance calls on land lines became more expensive, up 44.5%...

Peanut butter prices accelerated faster than any other food item, jumping in price by 36.8% during the five-year period...

Bacon prices were sizzling in recent years, climbing almost 30% since 2008. That’s the most of any meat.


  1. I think part of the rise in the price of bacon is because of the explosion of the paleo movement and its embrace of delicious meat, including bacon. People are starting to realize they've been duped by the government's low fat propaganda and are returning to eating more nutrient dense foods like bacon.

    1. The bacon they are talking about is not paleo. Paleo diet is not high fat. You can only eat fats of animals which are raised in a natural environment where the animal's fat is high in Omega 6. Very little of the meat in a typical grocery store can be eaten on a paleo diet. You need grass fed beef for example. Pigs don't need to be grass fed but if you're eating Oscar Meyer bacon, you're not eating paleo.

      The paleo diet is more or less in agreement with govt on fat. The paleo diet allows more healthy fat while excluding grains. However, paleo dies it not a high fat or high protein diet. Most of what you eat on a paleo diet is green. Lots of greens, some meat, nuts, fruits and seeds.

      The atkins diet is the one where you can eat a pound of bacon.

  2. I'm 'Paleo', and last year when all the baby pigs got sent to slaughter early, (I forget now why...drought, feed price, whatever) there were warnings about bacon prices going up dramatically in the near future. I bought, and froze, about twenty pounds.

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