Tuesday, March 4, 2014

United Kentucky Tea Party Condemns McConnell Fraud Alert

On Monday, the United Kentucky Tea Party issued a press release condemning the deceptive campaign tactics of Senator McConnell.


United Kentucky Tea Party Condemns Senator Mitch McConnell for his deceptive “Fraud Alert” mass mailing

Elizabethtown, Ky - This past week the McConnell campaign sent thousands of mailers to Kentucky residents marked “Fraud Alert” without any identification as to who had sent the mailers. Kentuckians, concerned that their identities or credit card information may have been stolen, opened the mailers only to find that it was a political mailing from the McConnell campaign containing the same old mudslinging accusations that Senator McConnell has been trying to push for months now.

The United Kentucky Tea Party strongly condemns Senator McConnell and his campaign staff for attempting to scare hard working Kentuckians in this manner. Unfortunately, this type of irresponsible behavior is something that we have come to expect from Kentucky’s senior Senator.
Senator McConnell refuses to run on his record of complicity in the nation’s $17.3 trillion dollar debt, and giving President Obama a blank check in the most recent debt ceiling fiasco. His backroom deals with Joe Biden and Harry Reid have led to higher taxes for working Kentuckians.

“Frankly, Mitch McConnell should be ashamed of his record in Washington. His 60% disapproval rating with Kentucky voters illustrates that Kentuckians are fed up with his lack of leadership” stated Scott Hofstra, Spokesperson for the United Kentucky Tea Party.
Kentuckians demand real leadership in Washington and we are not getting it from Senator McConnell. Kentuckians also demand ethical and professional behavior from their elected representatives and we are not receiving this from Senator McConnell either.

The United Kentucky Tea Party urges Senator McConnell to announce his retirement in order for the voters to concentrate on keeping the Senate seat in Conservative hands by helping Matt Bevin defeat Alison Grimes in November.

Scott Hofstra
Spokesperson United Kentucky Tea Party
(270) 319-8480

(Jesse Benton, Rand Paul's nephew, is McConnell's campaign manager-RW)


  1. Perhaps that should be a McConnell "Freud Alert."

  2. I got mine in the mail last week. Just more of the same