Monday, March 17, 2014

Valentina Matviyenko Responds to Being Sanctioned by Obama

Valentina Matviyenko has been sanctioned by President Obama following the vote by Crimea to secede from Ukraine (SEE: Here We Go: Obama Issues New Executive Order Placing Sanctions Against Various Russians, Crimeans and Ukranianes) for her status as Chairperson of the Federation Council, upper house of Russian parliament,. She has responded by saying she was “the chair of the upper house of Russian parliament, not American Senate. I have always defended and will defend the national interests of Russia, not the geopolitical interests of the West. No one and no threats will ever frighten us. This is counterproductive.”

She went on to say that “This is political blackmailing, if we are to call things by their proper names. They in the United States know that I have no accounts, assets or property abroad. And I have never had business interests. This is why I regard this statement with respect to me as an attempt to put pressure on my position of principle and force me to change it.”


  1. With each passing day we are witnessing the disarray of the Obama regime. The man is petulant, petty, and vindictive.

    His policies are at best ineffectual, and in the case foreign policy, he seems intent on increasing tensions around the world with the wars, the spying, the regime change operations, and now the sanctions. And unlike Cuba or North Korea, he's now dealing with the big boys. The results are amateurish and embarrassing.

    What stupid and self-defeating move will he make next?

    1. What stupid and self-defeating move will he make next?
      Starting on April 1, Obama will impose economic sanctions on anyone not prepared to give up all health info to the IRS.

  2. Go ahead Obama, whip her with that wet noodle again!

    He's the laughing stock of the entire world!!!!


  3. Does anyone know why the Crimean referendum didn't have a third option besides staying with Ukraine or joining Russia: becoming an independent country. It was already an autonomous region of Ukraine.

    1. Since it was already autonomous it didn't need a third option. It is only subject to Kiev as long as it wishes to be subservient.

      But none of the US Corporate media will ever tell that aspect of the story since it messes with their "Russia is invading" false narrative.