Tuesday, March 25, 2014

WOW Marc Andreessen: “My prediction is that the libertarians will turn on Bitcoin.”

Silicon Valley multi-millionaire and Bitcoin investor Marc Andreessen, at the Coin Summit conference here in San Francisco, told the audience:
My prediction is that the libertarians will turn on Bitcoin. The libertarians will discover that the blockchain is public.
Exactly! Bitcoin transactions can be tracked by governments very easily and government regulations are coming that will require all Bitcoin exchanges to identify in detail all buyers and sellers of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is NOT a libertarian instrument to battle government.


  1. "Since Bitcoin is not a currency, exchanging Bitcoins for U.S. dollars would not be taxed as a foreign currency gain or loss, the IRS said"

    I think this is key. It's the IRS announcement today.
    I think you can see where this is going.

  2. Ha! Zerocoin is the next fad! Buy it now while it is still cheap!!

  3. Surda:

    "But, but, my extra-credit term paper, er, master's thesis, WAAAHHH!!!"

  4. Like Wenzel, Andreesen does not understand how Bitcoin empowers Libertarians. That's okay, though, they don't need to. Bitcoin marches on...

  5. New Theory: Wenzel and Andreeson are conducting psy-ops against Big Brother by publicly disavowing Bitcoin's utility to Libertarians while secretly building the Bitcoin infrastructure. Can this be a Trojan Horse? Hmm...

    1. No. Wenzel brain is atrophying in the face of things he doesn't understand. But Andreeson is right to a certain extent. Many persons who consider themselves are turning on bitcoin because they don't understand what's coming. Wenzel being a case in point.