Saturday, March 29, 2014


The Kentucky-based chapter of the Koch-funded Young Americans for Liberty is holding a one day convention at the University of Kentucky on April 15. Among others, the Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture will be a featured speaker.

Yes, the Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture! Does any state really need a Commissioner of Agriculture?

Commissioner James Comer recently retweeted this:

I get it, he is pro-weed legalization.  Well actually, he is only pro-industrial hemp.

Couldn't the YAL  find a libertarian who is pro-weed legalization for all purposes, heroin legalization, cocaine legalization and LSD  legalization?

Judging by the rest of his twitter feed, Comer is nothing but a backslapping politician, with an eye on the governorship.

Other speakers include Congressman Massie and a bunch of grassroots political organizers.

This isn't a liberty convention, it is a convention of future political operatives.


  1. YAL is Koch-funded?

    1. Yep, as seen on the banners of sponsors they display at events....

  2. Wait, clarify, is it YAL or SFL? I am confused now