Friday, April 25, 2014

21 Songs/Artists the CIA Uses to Torture People

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, newly released documents show that these 21 songs are put on 24 hour loops and used by the CIA to torture people:
Playing "Dirrty" by Christina Aguilera was apparently used as an interrogation technique by the CIA. The song was apparently part of a "bad Muslim" routine in which interrogators would use sexually-explicit songs and female interviewers to frustrate the sensibilities of devout Muslim prisoners.

"The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem

"Zikrayati (My Memories)" by Mohamed el-Qasabgi

Playing the Meow Mix commercial jingle

"I Love You" by Barney the dinosaur

"Babylon" by David Gray 

 The "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack

"Take Your Best Shot" by the band Dope 

"We Will Rock You" by Queen 

"The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson

"F--- Your God" by the band Deicide

The Tupac Shakur album "All Eyez on Me"

 "Bodies" by the band Drowing Pool 

Songs from "Sesame Street" 

 "Baby, One More Time" by Britney Spears

"Enter Sandman" by Metallica

 "March of Pigs" by Nine Inch Nails

Songs by the band AC/DC

 Songs by Prince

Songs by the band Red Hot Chili Peppers

Songs by the band Aerosmith 


  1. Looks like a lineup from a garden variety American FM radio station.

    It figures they would play late 80's Metallica. Compared to their earlier material, it really is torture to listen!

  2. It's not racism to say blacks were better off as slaves.

    It is torture to play music to prisoners.

    Libertarians need their own dictionary.

    1. Jerry Wolfgang is proof the Infinite Monkey Theorem is probably a true.

    2. Here's an entry for you:

      torture [tawr-cher], noun
      1. the excruciating distortions Jerry Wolfgang applies to the position of his opponents.
      2. the method of reasoning preferred by Jerry Wolfgang.
      3. the pain or suffering caused by reading a Jerry Wolfgang post.

    3. How is saying blacks were better off as slaves racist? Racism means you believe some races are superior to others. Talk about needing a dictionary. There are black academics that have argued the same, are they racist too? Your trolling is so bland lately.

    4. Who says blacks were better off as slaves? It's intellectually dishonest to suggest that is Walter Block's position. Please provide a quote from a leader in the libertarian movement that says that "blacks were better off as slaves." Please.

    5. JW: Koch funded Troll

  3. That Tupac album is great. I used to listen to it in high school and it brings back good memories when I hear it.

    I still can't figure out if Jerry is truly a moron and really believes the stuff he posts here, or he is trying to get a reaction out of the readers of this blog.

    1. He's just a troll. Plain and simple. Why RW won't ban the troll I 'll never know. It wastes everyone's time, including his. But it's his blog not mine.

    2. I'm with you.

      I've gone back and forth on JW. At first I thought he should be banned, and then I accepted that he could -COULD- provoke intelligent discussion.

      Now I realize he is a troll. No thought, just drivel and bullshit.

      My suggestion- ask RW to refuse to post any replies to JW posts.

      That way JW can post his bullshit and posters will know that any response will be deleted and ignored.

      There is no way JW believes the bullshit it posts. Too many contradictions, too many non sequitur. It is just trolling for trolling sake. It is a gnat- ignore it.

    3. I keep waiting for it to defend itself, but it is obviously a retarded robot programmed by Krugman to spew bullshit on this site. It is too stupid to even see how stupid it is.

      Artificial intelligence? No, JW is artificial stupidity!

  4. Those sick bastards.

  5. Years ago, I used a boombox playing Aerosmith turned up to eleven to drive a family of skunks from under my house. At least I gave them an exit hole that I later sealed up.
    Seriously, there is no attempt here to equate skunks with Muslims. Quite the opposite. We know who the skunks are...

  6. thisnameissosecretMay 17, 2014 at 9:29 AM

    all they need si barbie and justin beiber... *shivers*