Wednesday, April 23, 2014

After FEC Inquiry, ‘Stand with Rand’ PAC says it backs Ayn Rand, not Rand Paul

Aaron Blake at WaPo reports:
A super PAC that has been promoting Sen. Rand Paul's (R-Ky.) political career says, despite its clear affinity for the potential 2016 presidential candidate, the name "Rand" in its title refers to noted libertarian author Ayn Rand.
"This Committee responds to its pending RFAI by noting that it is unaware that the late Ayn Rand, noted philosopher and author of Atlas Shrugged, is seeking election to federal office," the PAC says in the letter.
The PAC then argues that restricting the use of any name of a member of Congress impinges on free speech.
"With 435 Representatives and 100 Senators many first, last, and even middle names would be prohibited from such broad overreach," the letter says. "Thus, the use of just a first or last name is insufficient to trigger such a harsh restraint on speech."
It's a telling little glimpse of the complex world of campaign finance.
Here's more from the Center for Public Integrity's Dave Levinthal, who first spotted the PAC's letter:
Stand with Rand PAC's website features photos and quotations of Paul. It displays a t-shirt with Paul's silhouette hovering over the words "Stand with Rand."


  1. The right wing has been running from Ayn Rand ever since the Christian right found out she was an atheist. You can be sure Rand Paul will try to distance himself from Ayn Rand just as Paul Ryan did.

    Stand with Ayn Rand? Collectively?

    1. I read it three times to be sure: i actually agree with everything you wrote here. It's a new dawn, it's a new day! I'd better mail Lincoln that coat - oh! And FDR's leg warmers! Anybody know the area code for the Seventh Circle?