Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Al Sharpton Secretly Worked as FBI Mob Informant

 NyPo has the details:
Meet Al Sharpton, “Confidential Informant No. 7.”
The longtime agitator, civil-rights activist and TV host was exposed Monday as an alleged former key FBI informant whose tips helped take down some of the biggest names in New York Mafia history.
The Rev. Al launched his sensational secret life as a paid mob snitch in the mid-1980s, pressured to cooperate after being ensnared in a developing drug sting, according to a bombshell report by thesmokinggun.com.
As “CI-7,” the then-portly Harlem leader would tote a customized Hartmann briefcase equipped with an FBI bug to hobnob with members of some of the city’s most notorious crime families, the site said.
Sharpton’s main job was to dig dirt on the Genovese crime family, according to sources and court documents.
He was so good at “playing dumb’’ that he wound up helping to bring down such names as Venero “Benny Eggs’’ Mangano, Dominick “Baldy Dom’’ Canterino and even the muttering “oddfather” of Greenwich Village, family boss Vincent “Chin’’ Gigante, the site said.
He was a “very reliable informant, and his information ‘has never been found to be false or inaccurate,’ ” the report said, quoting a 1986 court document.
While it was known that Sharpton had spied for the FBI on music- and sports-promotion figures, the new data said he also extracted juicy information from wiseguys.
The feds later used the dirt to obtain warrants to bug key Genovese spots.
Because of Sharpton’s undercover work, listening devices were surreptitiously installed in two crime-family social clubs, including Gigante’s Village headquarters, three cars used by Mafiosos and more than a dozen phone lines, the site said.
This really doesn't surprise me. I have long suspected that Sharpton was a government operative. I suspect it goes well beyond him being an informant. If you watch any of the protests he leads, he carefully orchestrates very irate crowds in a direction that smothers their anti-government fury.


  1. The state using one scumbag (Sharpton) to take down another group of scumbags (mobsters) really doesn't shock me in the least. I remember me and my dad meeting him and his fellow leftists scumbag race baiting friend Spike Lee back in the mid-90s and even though I was young (born in 1984) I wanted to punch him in the face.

    However I don't watch his protests so what anti-government fury are you referring to Wenzel?

  2. The part that does surprise me is why would mobsters want Sharpton hanging around them?

    1. Heroin and coke.
      See "The Godfather".

  3. How shocking that Al was/is good at playing dumb.