Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BREAKING: Fed Held Unusual Emergency Meeting Yesterday

From Zero Hedge:

Everyone knows that the FOMC announcement, due today at 2 pm, will be the culmination of an orderly, traditional 2-day meeting which started yesterday, April 29.

What few know, however, is that in addition to the generic FOMC meeting which started yesterday at 10:30 am, at about the same time, the Fed also held an "expedited" emergency meeting between the four board governors Yellen, Tarullo, Stein, and Powell.

As the WSJ adds, "The four members of the board met to discuss "medium-term monetary policy issues," according to a meeting notice posted on the Fed's website.... A Fed spokesman declined to say if the two meetings were combined, or how long the board meeting lasted." The WSJ also notes that the "last time the Fed board met to discuss "medium-term monetary policy issues" was on April 26, 2011, according to analysts at BNP Paribas."

So what was discussed? We won't know because the "meeting was closed to public observation by Order of the Board of Governors because the matters fall under exemption(s) 9(A)(i) of the Government in the Sunshine Act (5 U.S.C. Section 552b(c)), and it was determined that the public interest did not require opening the meeting."


  1. Harvard Poll Shows Millennials Have 'Historically Low' Levels Of Trust In Government

    A new poll surveying young Americans’ political attitudes released by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics Tuesday found millennials have less trust in government than ever before.

    Harvard’s poll showed millennials, which the pollsters defined as peopled aged 18 to 29, have lost trust in a variety of different major public institutions including the President, the military, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the federal government as a whole. Of all the institutions tracked by the poll, the President and the military lost the most trust among young Americans with a seven point drop. Overall, the pollsters said the level of trust millennials have in “most American institutions tested in our survey” had dropped below even “last year’s historically low numbers.”

    This chart created by the pollsters shows the steep declines in their “composite trust index,” which is the level of trust on average in six different public institutions; the President, the U.S. Military, the Supreme Court, the federal government, and the United Nations. The drop is dramatic:

    1. That's what a lifetime of right-wing government bashing will get you.

  2. The United States Is A Fraudulent House Of Cards

    Americans are an amazingly insouciant people. By now any other people would have burnt Wall Street to the ground. - Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, article link below

    Anyone with a pulse knows by now that the U.S. Government, in conjunction with the Fed and Wall Street, rigs every economic report just like it rigs every market. When I first started getting involved in the precious metals markets back in 2001, the market manipulators at least tried to camouflage their activity. Now they openly lie about everything and blatantly intervene in every market. They no longer attempt to hide their activities. The fraud, corruption and open theft truly is the mark of a collapsing Empire.

    emergency is everyone knows they're a co-opted, corrupted institution and they don't know what else to do...