Sunday, April 13, 2014

Comments on Comments: Today on The Robert Wenzel Show

Robert Wenzel responds to EPJ reader comments

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  1. Wenzel, next time please address how "designed rights" might differ from "emergent rights" ... thinking along Hayekian lines about the possible evolutionary features of intentional behavior.

    "Designed rights" conveys a feeling of a 'completed work', which is something that seriously overestimates the analytical and predictive abilities of humans IMO.

  2. Excellent show guys! Thanks for answering my question. Show recommendation: Paul Craig Roberts. He is really good on so many issues (disagree with some of his economic views), especially civil liberties, the police state, Military/Security complex, the neocons ideology and war.

    It would be interesting to discuss those issues and also talk about his background. It's amazing how someone like him was part of the regime and now is one of it's most prominent and ferocious critics.

  3. On the preemptive environmentalism question, this type of stuff happens all the time in the medical field. One example, they used to recommend babies sleep on their stomachs so they don't vomit and choke, now they only advise to have them sleep on their backs so they don't suffocate on the sheets. The doctors were recommending what they thought was best, but who is to say some kids did not die because of bad advice to sleep on their tummies?

    There s really no one to blame in the situation, the damage is done, but it was people doing the best they could without violence or coercion, and you have to move on. You can't dwell on it or go back and punish the doctor. This happens all the time with medicines they take off the market and other recommendations.

    This is actual human beings life, and a real world example, which I think answers your question on what if damage is done to the environment. You cannot stifle innovation just in case it may cause harm. Over time the doctors, industrialists, whatever, will refine their methods as they learn more, and get better.