Monday, April 28, 2014

CONSPIRACY THEORY: Will Magic Johnson End Up Owning the Clippers?

An investment banker friend emails:

Remind me again; what was the Instagram root of this story?
What adds a bit of credibility to this theory is that the release of the Stiviano-Sterling tape damages Sterling. If Stiviano was just after money, she could have let him become aware of the tape without publishing it and he would have paid off before it went public.


Magic Johnson has sent out the following tweet:


  1. MJ is a very shrewd business man. My only guess would be that whether or not he had anything to do with it, he'll surely capitalize on it.

  2. Funny how George Will started criticizing wars and the fed and gets replaced by Bill Kristol.

    1. Well, maybe not. Will took a gig w/ Fox News so he didn't have to travel up to NYC to film 3x a month. Now, if that was done so Will would leave (he's 72), then okay. But still, replacing Will with a smarmy operator like Kristol is a clear step down.

  3. Not entirely sure why, but I keep thinking about that episode from the Sopranos, A Hit is a Hit, in relation to this story.

  4. Yeah I don't understand what is in it for the athlete is going to want to get near her for fear of being recorded. How is she going to keep her lifestyle going now?

  5. Bang rich white guy's GF...GF tapes rich white guy making racist comments about a league predominantly black...Rich black guy banging white guy's GF, comes on white horse offering to save franchise...Nothing wrong with this picture!