Friday, April 18, 2014

Elizabeth Warren as the Vomiting Bill Russell of Government

Boston Celtics great Bill Russell used to vomit before big games. From Bill Russell: A Biography:
Before any big game, he would vomit because he was so tense and keyed up for the contest. When he did not, Coach Auerbach would not let the players go out to the floor until Bill threw up...In 1968, [Celtics great] John Havlicek noted that "he [Bill] used to throw up all the time before a game,or at halftime--a tremendous sound, almost as loud as his laugh...It's a welcome sound too, because it means he is keyed up for the game and around the locker we would grin and say, "Man we're going to be all right tonight."
And now we have this news from HuffPo about Elizabeth Warren and  her new book A Fighting Chance:
Elizabeth Warren has gotten an awful lot of mileage out of her popular appearances on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart." But it was something of a revolting experience the first time she prepared to sit across from the sometimes caustic comedian.

She had such a bad case of nerves before the 2009 broadcast that Warren threw up. Twice.

"I was miserable. I had stage fright -- gut-wrenching, stomach-turning, bile-filled stage fright. And I was stuck in a gloomy little bathroom, about to go on The Daily Show," the Massachusetts Democrat recalls in her new book, A Fighting Chance, due out next week.

"I was having serious doubts about going through with this. I had talked to reporters and been interviewed plenty of times, but this was different. At any second, the whole interview could turn into a giant joke -- and what if the joke turned on the work I was trying to do?"

"For the zillionth time, I asked myself why on God's green earth I had agreed to sit down with Jon Stewart," Warren writes.

The interview got off to a rough start, she recounts, when "he immediately began hurling baseballs straight at my forehead. The beginning was a disaster."

It grew worse when Stewart mispronounced the acronym for the Public-Private Investment Program, or PPIP -- pronounced "pee-pip."

She corrected him and instantly regretted it. When Stewart asked her what it stood for, she froze and had to admit, "I forget."

Of course, it was all in her head, Stewart never seriously challenged her. SEE Plenty of Examples of Cowardice on “The Daily Show”.

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  1. Hate to see her name in the same sentence with the great Bill Russell.