Friday, April 25, 2014

EXPOSED: The NYT Distortion of Cliven Bundy's Comments; Video Tape Emerges

Bundy was damn libertarian in his comments. His comments were just put through the NYT distortion machine.

Here's the full clip of what Bundy said:

Here's the edited version of Bundy’s remarks as promoted by the left-wing Media Matters and as reported in by NYT.

(Via Pat Dollard)

(HT Hank Holzman)


  1. Remember a couple years ago the scandals involving media matters? One where they were caught begging the Obama admin for how to write and what to write about. The other where the head of the org had a gun toting bodyguard everywhere with him and they even bought a couple guns with media matters money, all while advocating gun bans for the common people. The head MM guy at the time was so delusional that he thought snipers were after him from the right wing.

    1. So awesome. I forgot all about that. Good memory.

  2. You know when an organization has to legitimize itself with its name, 9 out of 10 times its a coverup for a fraudulent organization. Every story I've ever seen from Media Matters is a distortion of the real events. I can only guess that they see their mission as distorting news events towards left wing view points much the way Breitbart does for the right. Regardless, for Media Matters its not about substance its all about spin and regardless of what they call themselves, honest media does not matter to Media Matters.

  3. He doesn't cover the issue in this clip, but Cliven Bundy is one of the very very few constitutionalists or libertarians whom I have ever heard even mention that ALL federal officers should be DISARMED. More than once I have heard Cliven and some of his sons make a real big deal about it being one of their top demands.

    He is 100% correct because the U.S. and state constitutions expressly prohibit "standing armies" and the temporary armies that the constitutions allow in time of war have no more right to operate within the boundaries of the U.S. than Caesar's legions had to cross the Rubicon.

    So I guess we pure libertarians don't have to worry about Cliven calling for roundups of Mexicans which is an ever present worry we have with many of our..ahem..not so pure but "libertarian leaning" conservative friends .

    I was always disappointed that Ron Paul made such a big deal about "the constitution" and NEVER pointed out that the federal and state constitutions only allow their officers to be armed temporarily during wartime. When the government needs an armed force they are supposed to request a posse or the militia from "the people."

    It seems that only pure libertarians understand that these minarchist constitutions when taken literally prohibit all of these federal, state, and local armed government goons in our midst. Bundy may not be an anarchist, but he gets core libertarian principles better than most.

    Block/Bundy 2012!

  4. So it's not that he didn't say those things, it's that they didn't show the first 1 and 1/2 minutes where he talks about how much better Hispanics are than Black people.

  5. Media Matters is Soros-funded.