Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How Thought Out Was the Taping of Donald Sterling?

Yesterday, I reported that a source very close to V. Stiviano, Donald Sterling's alleged girlfriend, told me that Stiviano was going to claim that she wasn't Sterling's girlfriend, just his archivist. (SEE: The Los Angeles Clippers Major Legal Blunder)

When I heard this, I assumed there was a legal reason for this claim. Now, the reason comes to me. As an "archivist," her job was to follow him around and "archive" the events in his life.

Got it?

She wasn't breaking the law when she taped him, she wasn't his girlfriend, she was doing her job as an archivist.

My source also told me that in the over 100 hours of recordings that Stiviano made, there includes conversation between her and Sterling that will "refresh Sterling's memory" that she was indeed her archivist. In other words, she worked the conversation at some point with comments that caused Sterlling to confirm on tape that she is his archivist. "Yes dear, archive me. You are a wonderful archivist."

As Steve Sailer put it: Donald Sterling's Girlfriend's Lawyer Coached Her Well.

A very well planned out operation.


Here is LaTi, today, confirming my report that I made yesterday that Stiviano is going to claim she was merely Stiviano's archivist:

Stiviano's lawyer said his client was a hard-working young woman who supported herself waitressing and volunteered helping crime victims before signing on to work as an “archivist” for Sterling.

V. Stiviano, archivist

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