Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My "Pen Collection"

Police State USA has an important column out on how to record police encounters without losing your video (Via

This brings to mind my "pen collection" and my new addition to it.

I carry with me a Smith & Wesson Tactical pen.

It's my last line of defense if some character comes after me. I recommend you get one for yourself and  anyone you care about. I can pretty much carry it anywhere without detection from busybodies. During a recent Golden Gate Warriors game I threw the pen into a basket before I went through the metal detectors at the entrance to the arena and the security girl on the other side of the detector handed me the pen from the basket and said, "Oh, what a nice pen."

I recently had to file some corporate papers in a California state building. Pen went into the basket. No one said anything. 

The Police State USA column is about small hidden cameras and audio recording devices. The one that caught my eye was the Spy Pen Hidden Camera Camcorder. I just ordered this pen for my collection. 

And, of course, I don't go anywhere without this:

My collection is complete.

Amazon has the Smith & Wesson tactical pen for just $24.09 here.

Amazon has the HG4 Spy Pen Hidden Camera Camcorder for $20.35 here.


  1. And if Peruta stands, you might get to carry an actual Smith & Wesson. Although I would say that the S&W pen is useful for those pesky George the elder's gun-free zones.

  2. What the heck is a tactical pen?

  3. Huh, it's still somewhat acceptable here in SC to carry a pocket knife,which I do. I've snuck it through scanning stations a couple of times for concerts and such by laying my wallet directly over it in those boxes the security guards give you for metal objects, for some reason they never actually look in them when you drop your stuff in there-lol!

    Anyway, I'm going to have to look into these tactical pens now, good post! They are much easier to deal with and much more "below the radar".