Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Demand for Investigation of Ron Paul Inc.

Sandra Welch of Whitefish, MT has filed with the state of Montana a new Campaign Finances complaint, alleging a series of camapign violations against what can be considered key Ron Paul Inc. related organizations. You can view it here.

The complaint specifically names the National Right to Work Committee and a number of other groups that can be tied to various Ron Paul Inc. players.

Here is a Lee Stranahan post that includes an email from a National Right To Work employee that providess some insight into the workings of NTRW, which allegedly included massive illegal political campaign mailings:
 Email Shows National Right To Work Committee’s “Gameplan” States For 2010

A May 2010 email from National Right To Work Employee Jerad Gamble shows staffers and operatives being assigned to Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa and Montana.
The exuberant email was CC’d to Dimitri Kesari and says that Gamble and Kesari think the “dynamics of the team are great.’ Many, if not all, of the people mentioned in the email would go on to play roles in the National Right To Work Committee’s illegal ‘mail program’ that wrote, printed and mailed campaign letters for candidates.
The list of people included in the email includes:
Christian & Allison LeFer would go to Montana. Eventually, they would sue to try and get boxes of documents found in a Colorado meth house related to the National Right to Work ‘mail program’ that they claimed belonged to them. They would lose the case. Big time.
Conservative political consultant Christian LeFer, a former WTP official, and his wife, Allison LeFer, who helped run the couple’s printing shop, sued Montana’s former Commissioner of Political Practices Jim Murry and the state of Montana to recover the documents.
On Tuesday, the LeFers lost in almost every way possible. They didn’t get their documents. They didn’t get any money; instead, they’ll have to pay Murry’s fees, which haven’t yet been totaled. They won’t be able to file their complaint against Murry ever again.
And on every page of his ruling, U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy seemed to somehow insult them.
At one point in his 34-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy referred to “the procedural morass caused by the LeFers’ posturing.” Since last fall, the LeFers have filed at least five separate complaints in different courts, sometimes with factual errors.
 Brenden Boudreau who would go on to head the NRTW operation in Kentucky.
People like Betsy DeFord & Rocco Moffa would also be mentioned in other emails about the NRTW mail program.

Read the email here. 


  1. You keep stating "Ron Paul, Inc." to differentiate the business from Ron Paul. I'm wondering if you could expand on this. Why isn't Ron Paul ultimately responsible for what Ron Paul, Inc. did? Or is he?


    2. Thanks for posting Heath