Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Investigation Into Ron Paul Inc. and Sorenson Payoff

Yet another investigation has been opened into the 2012 Ron Paul Campaign and the alleged payoff to Kent Sorenson. The new investigation is being conducted by the Federal Election Commission, according to the Iowa Republican.com.

IRC reports:
Five days before the Iowa Caucus, Sorenson departed Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign and endorsed Ron Paul. Allegations that he received substantial financial payments to do so eventually played a role in Sorenson being forced to resign from the Iowa Senate.
The new FEC complaint was made by former Bachmann campaign staffer Peter Waldron, who also filed complaints against Sorenson with the Iowa Senate Ethics Committee.
Waldron alleges that the Paul campaign, “its operatives, and third parties conspired to pay a bribe” to Sorenson “to betray” Bachmann and publicly endorse Ron Paul.
Waldron names several people involved in the Paul campaign, directly or indirectly, among those having knowledge of the alleged bribe. They are listed below as they appear in the complaint. 
 The Des Moines Register lists the following as the people Waldron claims were either aware of or participated in the payment of the alleged payoff:

Jesse Benton, Paul's national Ron Paul 2102 campaign chairman, married to Ron Paul's granddaughter and currently Mitch McConnell's campaign managerJohn Tate, Paul's national campaign manager

Dimitri Kesari, deputy national campaign manager---has hired lawyer do deal with investigations

Jedd Coburn, national communications director

Drew Ivers, Iowa campaign chairman

Kevin Wolfswinkel, chairman for Iowa Conservatives Fund PAC

Christopher Dorr, of the Bachmann campaign

Wes Enos, Bachmann's Iowa political director

Aaron Dorr, of the Iowa Gun Owners Association

Paul Dorr, an adviser to Paul 2008 campaign

Jolanda Pali Kesari, wife of Dimitri, principle Designer Goldsmiths in Leesburg, VA

Noel "Sonny" Izon, of ICT, Inc.

William Howard, an attorney for ICT, Inc., Hyattsville, MD

I am aware of two people on this list that have already testified before a Washington D.C.grand jury.

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