Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On Campaign for Liberty and Their Refusal to Hand Over to the IRS Campaign Donor Lists

I am getting a bunch of emails from readers who are sending along a link to a Washington Examiner story: Ron Paul group to defy IRS.

I touched on this a bit a couple of days ago: Ron Paul Letter Warns IRS Is Attempting to Shutdown Campaign for Liberty.

I continue to suspect that there is more to this than the surface story. As I pointed out in my initial post:
The C4L donation page makes clear that data is being collected because of federal law:
Federal Law requires us to use our best efforts to collect the following information for each donor.
Thus, this request from the IRS should not be a surprise to C4L or anyone that donated, nor would I imagine it is the first time such information has been requested. Though not entirely unjustified, it seems to be an odd point to take a stand on.

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