Sunday, April 13, 2014

On That Last 4% Pay Gap Between Men and Women

After correcting for all factors, such as women working less hours, there may still be a small pay gap (4%) between what men and women earn.

Mark Perry takes that gap head on and explains why it occurs, here: Persistent pay gap could result from greater male risk tolerance, higher pay for male athletes, professional musicians

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  1. Matt Yglesias: "But I’d be pretty pissed if someone cut my pay 4.5 percent."

    Really, from a guy who can't get enough counterfeiting? He even supported the psychotic Abenomics:

    The federal government alone cut my pay by 25%+ last year, not counting the opportunity cost or any other taxes. Of course, Yglesias supports that, too, as exhibited by his numerous aneurysms over anything but massively increasing the federal budget.

    Be principled. Keynesians can't, and they will lose. The more they run their mouths like this, the more evidence against them there will be when their bubble pops.