Friday, April 11, 2014

One Step Closer to a National ID: Call for Photos on Social Security Cards

The bastards never stop in their never ending quest to tag us all, with as much detail as possible.

Andrew Young is proposing that photos be put on Social Security cards.

Young, a former United Nations ambassador and aide to Martin Luther King Jr., said placing photos on Social Security cards would cost "less than 10 cents per person."

The cover story for this advanced national ID is so that people will have a proper ID to vote.

Young said in a statement, "In today's world if you don't have a photo ID, you can't board an airplane or get into most buildings. It is our obligation to make sure that every citizen has the ability to obtain a government-issued photo ID, and the Social Security Administration is ideal for making that happen effectively and efficiently."

Not surprisingly, Young's idea has been endorsed by two ex-presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, who just love to see people treated as cattle.


  1. When does 10 cents = $31,000,000,000. When g'mint does the calculating.

  2. Not to want to call someone retarded to their face, but...

    Two immediate thoughts:

    1. Nothing costs 10 cents, and
    2. What picture goes on the SS card? Given that most people get a card at birth, I'm guessing that the picture of a 3 month old won't do much. Do we now need to renew or update the SS card every 'fill in the blank' years? Again, refer back to point 1.

    Given that it took me about 10 seconds after reading the post to come up with this, I harken back to the old adage (I paraphrase):

    Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt.

  3. Oh, boy! I can't wait.....having to stand around a stinky, dank Social Security office to get a picture taken. What a wonderful way to kill a day..or two. Yuck.

  4. One does not need "government-issued photo ID" to function in the FSA. Think about it.

  5. "Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?", a rabble rouser asked in 1967. By "Community" the "social justice campaigner" meant socialist despotism.

    So would it go too far to suspect that the former aide of the reverend is still basically sympathetic to the ideals of the reverend?

  6. What I find interesting is that a statist will generally claim the slippery slope doesn't exist and then will turn around and argue since we have already accepted government intrusion/power X we can accept government intrusion/power Y.