Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Other NBA Team Owners May Be Concerned About Skeletons In Their Own Closets

Oh yes, the slippery slope of attempting to police private thoughts and things said in private.

CBS Detroit reports:
In Tuesday, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned for life by the NBA in response to racist comments the league says he made in a recorded conversation, but what comes next? The other NBA owners need a 75 percent vote to have Donald Sterling removed as owner.
But Detroit News columnist and 97-1 The Ticket co-host Terry Foster wonders if the other owners may be worried about their own skeletons in their closets. 
“I think there is a fear … some owners may not … want an investigation, so they want this thing to go away as quickly as possible. The one thing about Donald Sterling, he loves to sue people, so I think the other owners have to be careful, they definitely don’t want things coming out of their closet,” said Foster.
Foster also thinks Clipper coach Doc Rivers and the players are hypocrites because they knew exactly what Sterling was all about when they signed their contracts.
“They knew what he stood for before, don’t be surprised, don’t be outraged because you signed a contract to work for this man and the whole league knew what he was about.”
Interesting. Did the new NBA commissioner really think out in detail the lifetime ban of Sterling, and his call for Sterling to sell the team?

If Sterling fights back, it could get very interesting. The young Donald Sterling would have fought back, it is not clear the 81 year old Sterling has the energy to do so, but if he does decide to respond aggressively, buy some popcorn

Sterling has the resources to find dirt on other NBA owners. He has the capability to hire the best lawyers in the world. Can you imagine Sterling deposing other NBA owners, who try to force his sale of the team? What's Thought Police Commander Silver going to do then?


  1. This may all be an act, just like Sandy Hook. Another attack on the U.S. Constitution.

    If Sterling is not a crisis actor I hope he sues the pants off the NBA.

  2. I was wondering why Sterling has been so quiet and why there is no fight from his side. Perhaps he's waiting. He may be 81 years old, but like most of these rich guys, they want to keep their legacy intact. If he cares to do so, he'll find that energy.

    It's, also, interesting that Dallas owner, Mark Cuban, stated that he agreed with Silver's decision, yet later stated that he's against forcing him to sell.

    Silver's an idiot.

  3. Sterling probably has the goods on Jordan's "retirement"/suspension--if that story turns up in the near term, we'll know Sterling is going scorched earth.

  4. One thing about being mega-rich: it doesn't take much energy to fight back. It only takes the energy to write a check. There are plenty of people willing to put the energy in for him. And, I suspect, when you get to that age, even writing the check isn't that difficult. After all, it's a universal truth that "you can't take it with you."

  5. "Foster also thinks Clipper coach Doc Rivers and the players are hypocrites because they knew exactly what Sterling was all about when they signed their contracts."

    Doc Rivers is the biggest hypocrite because he played for the alleged Plantation Owner in 1992-93. If Sterling was such a horrible human being, why did Rivers come back? What slave, after escaping, comes back for more beatings? Doc Rivers is considered one of the best coaches in the league. He could have gone anywhere and made millions of dollars. Why come back to the Clippers?

    If I were Sterling, I would use Rivers' return as exhibit A in my suit against the NBA.

    Yes, Bob is right: It's time to get the popcorn.

    1. The NAACP gave Sterling a lifetime achievement award, and was about to give him another one before this tape came out.

      Everyone involved knew what this guy was about. Without exception. They didn't care. The stench of the hypocrisy is unbearable. I don't give two hoots about Sterling, but I hope he does go scorched earth, just to take everyone else down with him.