Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rhamaland: 36 People Shot In 36 Hours

A 17-year-old girl was killed Friday afternoon, she was among at least 36 people wounded in gun violence over the weekend in Chicago, reports HuffPo.

The weekend before, 27 people were shot, including a 16-year-old high school sophomore who was killed.

Yes, Rahm the miracle worker. The man has no idea how minimum wage laws, drug laws and public schooling have turned parts of his city in to war zones. But, he likes parks.

He recently told The New Republic:
I believe in parks as a dramatic improvement in the quality of life in the city. We are adding parks everywhere. We are trying to get the Interior Department to designate a local park to be a national designation, and it is like a three-year process. They have interest in doing it, but my God. In Chicago, I wanted to make sure every child in four years time was a ten-minute walk from a new park or playground. It’s done. We are going to get there one year ahead of time.


  1. A chicken in every pot, a park on every block!

    1. A dead body on every street corner....

      A jackbooted thug in a government costume in every building....

  2. This guy is really stupid. Having a park 10 minutes from every child places focus on the wrong thing, when violence, especially gun violence, is so prevalent and is a big reason that quality of life stinks.

    I grew up in Chicago in the 70's through the 90's and gun violence was prevalent back then - although it seems more prevalent now....that's why I live in a small town in South Carolina. I've been to many parks around the Chicago-land area, mostly on the South Side. And it was at many of those parks that gun violence took place - in some parks it was routine behavior. If one wants to improve the quality of life in Chicago, he or she needs to start with liberalizing gun laws. Next, abolish all public schools. After that, a la Walter Block, privatize all city services (especially police and fire) and everything else. Cut taxes to the bone, preferably zero or very close to it, since they won't be needed to fund schools, city services, etc. Lastly, according to due process, throw every corrupt alderman, state rep., state senator, US congressman or woman and US senator in prison. Quality of life should improve pretty dramatically. I might even move back to the city.