Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ron Paul Weighs in on Nevada Rancher’s Standoff with Feds: The Confrontation will Continue

The Las Vegas Sun reports:
“There’s two things that come out of this: one, when the American people speak out, their voices can be heard and can affect what government is doing,” Paul said in a post Monday on his Ron Paul Channel website. “Two, it emphasizes the value of private property and ownership rather than having collective ownership by a government.”...

“In many ways, the people spoke out after determining that the federal government had overstepped itself and fortunately their presence did not result in violence," Paul said.

Such a situation would never occur in his home state of Texas, Paul said, “because all the land is owned privately. Its makes the point that no one really knows who is in charge. It makes the point that state and private ownership would have prevented this type of problem.”

But Paul, a former congressman from Texas, ended his message on an ominous note for Bundy and his backers.

“As much as I’d like to see this as a victory for the people, I’m afraid the government has more guns, more power and more determination to express their authoritarianism,” Paul said. “They will be back and that means a confrontation between the people and those in our government undermining our liberties – the confrontation will continue.”


  1. ", I’m afraid the government has more guns, more power and more determination to express their authoritarianism,” Paul said."
    I detect a whiff of defeatism not unlike the putrid smell of Dr. Ron Paul lowering himself to debate the likes
    . of Gulliani ,Romney, or Perry.
    There is more determination for individual Liberty in my six house Cul-de-sac than exists in the entire blue-belly Chicago-trash carpet-bagging Federalie Army of occupation presently working to loot and corrupt all of the decent citizens of Georgia .
    C'mon Ron.
    The decent folks turn their eyes toward you.

    1. The protestors that trained their guns on the Feds left an open invitation for more violence. The Feds initial actions aside, this little "victory" will be seen as an escalation in the annals of history.

    2. It is not defeatism to pick your battles. Much as I enjoyed seeing those tough-talking cowboys on their horses and with their six-shooters confronting the Feds, I also noticed that the Feds had their high-powered rifles drawn and aimed and backed by heavy equipment, while the cowboys' guns were holstered and in many cases, the protesters had their hands in the air, so they wouldn't get shot. They looked pathetic compared to the Feds. Pure, futile bluster. They might just as well have gone crawling on their knees before their overlords. And wait until we see the Bundy's thrown on the floor with their hands behind them and their dogs shot. Don't get me wrong. I admire the protesters for following their convictions, but on the other hand, it almost seemed counter-productive for them to be groveling in action, while talking tough. I want to save my actions, and powder, for when it counts.

  2. He's right. The Progressive Fascist Elite doesn't take defeat and embarrassment lightly. That is especially true of the current regime. Harry Reid and his White House masters will be back in full force at a time of their choosing and this time they will not back down. Cliven Bundy and his supporters better be ready for the next Federal thugswarm.

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