Sunday, April 6, 2014

South Royalton After 40 Years

Comments on Comments at The Robert Wenzel Show was originally scheduled to be posted this morning. It was recorded by Chris Rossini and me a few days back. Unfortunately, the computer of the post production editor crashed while he was editing the show. The show should be up next week.

Here's Gary North at the  2014 Austrian Economics Research Conference discussing the famous 1974 South Royalton Conference, which was an early sign of the reemergence of the Austrian School of Economics, as was the Nobel Prize award to Friedrich Hayek at the end of 1974.

Although, I would argue that the embers that relaunched the flames of Austrian theory were the powerful writings of Mises and the Mises seminar at New York University, which Murray Rothbard and Israel Kirzner attended. It's good that North touches upon this in his comments. The Rothbard combination of a unique and powerful personality,superior intellect and great writing skill was a flame that the establishment couldn't douse out.

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