Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stephen Colbert to Replace David Letterman

The "Colbert Report" host will succeed David Letterman as soon as the long-running host steps down in 2015, CBS confirmed Thursday morning. Colbert has signed a five-year deal with the network, CBS has announced.


  1. Wow..Jon Leibowitz is in serious trouble...even my died in the wool SOCIALIST EUROPEAN FRIENDS are saying how biased these 2 shows on "Comedy Central" are towards non-lefties and have stopped watching it in the last year.

    They saw through the fact that TDS did a hitpiece on Lincoln and also another one on guns (although they are pro gun-grabbing in their views).

    Personally, I stopped watching TDS the day Jon retracted his prior day's statement during a Bill Kristol interview that Truman was indeed a "war criminal" for perpetrating the Nagasaki and Hiroshima holocausts. Also he wasn't making enough fun of the Dear Leader after the Great Leader left office in Jan 2009.

    Jon is a total sell out (at the same time he is self-delusional in thinking he is impartial and has no bias).

    1. It really hasn't been the same since W left office

    2. Yup. Since W doesn't have the letter "D" beside his name it was open season (which was fine with me. W is a warmongering, government growing criminal anyway). But since Obama not only has a "D" beside his name but his mere presence in the Oval Office is VERY PC Jon will gladly kiss ass.

      Libtards and neocons are the same thing. both statists. The only difference is the (rotten) flavor.

    3. I totally agree. The moment Barry slimed into office, the kid gloves were on.

  2. I assume (or at least hope) that Stephen Colbert won't be playing the character from The Colbert Report on a show like the Late Show. I don't follow The Daily Show or The Colbert Report anymore for the reasons others mentioned. But Colbert himself is still a funny guy so hopefully this will be a good change.

  3. CBS is making a huge mistake. Colbert won't play in Peoria.
    Colbert has spent the past 8-9 years playing EVERYTHING with a political slant. Many people don't know if he's really a right wing fanatic (no) or just playing one on TV (yes), but it doesn't matter. It's quality production and masterfully done, but it's grown stale because the angle he takes NEVER changes.

    So, just like Bob Denver as Gilligan, Colbert will be irrevocably typecast as a right wing nut. As the new host of a middle-America show, how will he be able to have a candid 'interview' with , when he has spent so much time twisting words and meanings of those very individuals and doing an exceptional job of humiliating them?

  4. Anyone who doesn't know Cobert's leftist leanings hasn't been paying attention. This is why Fallon, even though a leftie (even a nice one), will win the late night ratings in the long run. Colbert is a leftwing hack who will not be able to come out of character and become more centrist. It isn't in his DNA.

  5. Colbert peeked when he did the correspondence dinner speech. Left wing hack is correct, Andy. I quit watching after the Obummer election also. Anybody remember the Comedy Central little rascals cartoon parodying the W admin? It was awesome. Jeb was portrayed as a mentally handicapped baby. They would never do that to a Dem admin.