Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Pro-Stagnation Left in Action: Vomit on Yahoo Bus in Oakland

The progress haters were at it in Oakland, yesterday.

Anti-tech shuttle protesters blocked and climbed on top of a Yahoo bus near the Oakland MacArthur BART station Wednesday morning —protesters claimed they vomited on the bus windshield, reports SFgate.

BART and Oakland police responded to calls of 15 to 20 protesters blocking and climbing on top of a bus outside the station around 7:30 a.m., said BART police Lt. Paul Kwon.

Tweets and photos from the scene show protesters blocking the buses with signs of “Love the Bay, Block the Bus” and “Capital is the Driver, Gentrification is the Vehicle, Techies on the Bus.”

Photos also show an Apple bus in the mix. Protesters drove up in a car stylized as a “hearse” with a sign that said “GBus to MTV,” which is usually shown on Google buses.


  1. Luddites. The Luddites are back.

  2. True bay area idiots. I lived in the bay area and found it to be one of the most intolerant places I've lived (including the deep south). It'll be nice when a major quake slides it into the ocean.

  3. What do these people do for a living? While Yahoo Google and Apple employees are taking a bus to create products and services the millions (billions?) can enjoy these non-contributing zeroes have the time to climb a bus and puke on it?

  4. I don't understand these people or their motives. The tree-huggers should be the last ones protesting the use of multi-person vans. Unless they're against the use of any vehicles, in which case they're insane.

    Most of these dregs are probably unemployed, which means the welfare programs that keep them fed and housed are being funded by the people who bother to work. These losers are barfing on the very people who make their miserable existence possible.

  5. Yet another reason why California needs to be split into multiple states. We could gain more local control and isolate these fools in the state of Silicon Valley, where they can screw with tech oligarchs all they want without embarrassing the rest of us.

  6. An insight into just how utterly clueless these fatuous morons and zeroes really are. They use a goddamn hash tag for their Twitter handle.

    #DieTechieScum - the irony is overwhelming