Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Rothbard-Hating Kochs and Astro-Turf "Student" Organizations

Lifted from the comments at the SFL Board Member: Lee Harvey Oswald Acted Alone in Killing JFK post:
Pay no attention to to the power elite, says a Koch-funded, astro-turf "student" organization. This same org is promoting hostility to Russia, on behalf of the Kochs, to increase the relative value of their vast energy resources, and to have a hand in Ukraine's. It is also part of the decades-long attempt by the Rothbard-hating Kochs to turn libertarianism into a tame Republican philosophy that buttresses their part of the oligarchy.
One has to ask why the Kochs and others spend so much time and money attempting to co-op the hardcore libertarian movement. The answer is simple, the hardcore libertarian movement  has a very powerful message that has been delivered by a great libertarian communicator, Murray Rothbard, and the greatest entrepreneur, ever, in the sphere of libertarian ideas, Lew Rockwell. This creates a powerful following.

The Kochs may have billions to attempt to promote their agenda and attempt to dilute the libertarian message, but that is their weakness. Diluting the libertarian message is logically inconsistent and will never gain support among the independent thinkers, who can't be bought. Theese advocates of pure liberty will always have the edge when going up against the inconsistencies of the astro-turf organizations.

You can buy crony politicians and agenda advancing operatives (very cheaply in most cases), but you can't buy people who want to be free. When it comes to the advancement of ideas, the power is ultimately in those who have the powerful ideas and not those who carry the biggest wallet.


  1. "Ideas rule the World".....

  2. Ok so where's Troll boy with the latest "libertarianism = Koch's rule the world" BS?

  3. Well, did you see Reason's attack on Ron Paul and hardcore anti-war people? via the greatest tweeter user ever, Raimondo.

  4. Ideas have consequences.