Saturday, April 5, 2014

The "There is No Inflation" Report: Brooklyn Studios: $2,260

According to the latest report from real estate firm Douglas Elliman, median rental prices in Brooklyn rose 11.6% from this time a year ago, reaching $2,890, the highest point in five years.

Average Brooklyn rental prices increased nearly 3% to $3,178. While the the median rental price for studios has increased a whopping 27% to $2,260.


  1. My partners and I invest in real estate in NYC. Brooklyn is essentially untouchable. The amount of money that has poured into that borough the last several years is astronomical. The demographic is rapidly changing; there is an exodus of minorities fleeing south. Areas once unthinkable to walk through are being transformed into upper-class neighborhoods. We believe once investors are done there, Queens county will be next. As for the city skyscrapers, they just keep on building them higher.

  2. I had a "floor through" in downtown Brooklyn in 1983 for $400.

  3. My father and I lived in DUMBO, one of the nicer areas of Brooklyn, from 1999 to 2004. Shoebox studio apartment cost us $1,000. Now it's $2,260?! Just wow.

  4. Last time I was in Manhattan & Brooklyn I was making sales calls around June of 01' and I stayed in two places:

    A "Comfort Inn" in Brooklyn for $175/night, & the old Waldorf Astoria for $125/night-LMAO! (that was back when you could get actual deals from Priceline, the posted WA rates at the time were $410/night for the cheapest room).

    At the Astoria I stood in line behind Charro while checking in, who had a 20 something boy toy on her arm. LMAO! There was also some WWF wrestlers hanging out in the lobby when I stayed, which was pretty cool as I'm never ashamed to admit I loved wrestling as a kid(the fake kind), though some probably think I should

    I have to say I enjoyed Brooklyn more than Manhattan back in 01', seemed pretty clean & safe to me at the time.

    I also played basketball after work in Central Park at the time.
    I even got a game in with Steve Nash who was in town for a game. I was stunned to see him playing a pickup game in Central park, which I'm sure violated all sorts of contractual obligations he had.

    I always thought Brooklyn was cool myself, but there's a whole 'white trash' side to me that makes me comfortable in places others wouldn't be.

    I remember loving Youngstown too when I was really young and just old enough to bar hop legally, back when Traficant was getting bought off by the mob and their youngsters were running around town whopping it up. I loved that environment, so my judgement is probably suspect. :) Growing up in low income areas of Detroit probably has had some impact on my social preferences.