Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Time Elizabeth Warren Nagged Tim Geithner to Put His Seat Belt On

Politico reports on Warren's new book A Fighting Chance
 In 2010, Warren accepted Obama’s request to help set up the CFPB. On her first day on the job, then-Treasury Secretary Geithner took her to lunch. As the two rode in the back of an SUV to one of Geithner’s favorite dining spots, Warren told him to put on his seat belt. "Like a naughty kid, he looked back and said, ‘I don’t have to.’’ Geithner, Warren recalls, "explained with obvious pride that the car was bulletproof and that the driver and his partner were both highly trained and carried big guns. ‘We’re safe here,’ he said in a tone meant to end the conversation.’’


  1. That's hilarious! Warren, the liberal do-gooder/behavioral-imperialist, and Geithner, the tantrum prone, irrational (how is a bullet proof car going to save you from flying through the windshield?) man-child. These are our "leaders". Ha!

  2. She reminds me of your typical hectoring schoolmarm, just like Hillary. Even looks the part. These psychos get their kicks bossing people around.

  3. Mad Magazine must invent a new variation of their "Spy vs. Spy" gag and have two bureaucrats nagging each other to death.