Sunday, April 20, 2014

Today on The Robert Wenzel Show: President of The Heritage Foundation - Jim DeMint

Today's Guest:
Jim DeMint
Discussing his book: Falling in Love with America Again

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  1. The Libertarian idolatry of Amazon annoys me. Amazon is a big company that uses and works with government as much as any big company does. We are going to see their sponsorship of the sales tax policy change result in tremendous harm being done to thousands, maybe tens of thousands of businesses, as well as yet further erosion of our republic's being a republic, and they are obviously doing this as a blocking strategy.

    It helps to gain some perspective and look at how they operate their Amazon Marketplace. The Amazon Marketplace is how independent vendors sell products through Amazon. Amazon offers this service with fees considerably higher than if the vendor sold through their own website. Additionally, Amazon scours the sales of products in the Amazon Marketplace to identify those that it wants to inventory and then sell at a lower price than the vendor on Amazon. Yes, the vendors still remain and offer products through Amazon, but there are a considerable number of vendors who do not do business through Amazon for these reasons.

    When the tax code becomes so complex that some additional layer or service is required just to open a store on the Internet, then Amazon will be well positioned to provide this to vendors of its marketplace, thus many of the vendors unwilling to do business with them now would essentially have no choice but to do business with them. I am confounded that people professing themselves to be libertarian would so frequently and freely advertise for such an organization.

    Amazon, purely at the request of the Federal Government, banned Wikileaks from being hosted on their cloud servers. This communicates that they are happy to work with government. I can appreciate that they would face a nasty court battle with the Federal Government, but it demonstrates that they are going to work with government to save costs. There is a difference between fighting government and not supporting government. Not supporting the government simply means forcing the government to use legal means instead of simply granting every request they make.

    Amazon is yet another tool of the government, working to destroy liberties and opportunities for its own gain.