Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tyler Cowen’s Attacker Thought the Professor Was Controlling His Mind, Cowen Testifies

WaPo was in court, when George Mason University professor, and Koch brothers lieutenant, Tyler Cowen, gave a blow-by-blow breakdown of the attack that was made against him on March 27 (SEE: Economist Tyler Cowen Pepper Sprayed While Teaching Class at George Mason University) :
On Tuesday, Arlington General District Court Judge Thomas J. Kelley Jr. ruled that Pendleton’s case will go to a grand jury. The judge also issued a protective order barring Pendleton from any contact with Cowen for two years.

Cowen, 52, testified that Pendleton “burst into the room” during his March 26 class bearing handcuffs, pepper spray and a Taser-like device and announced that he was making a citizen’s arrest of the professor.

“He tried to handcuff me,” Cowen said of the man, whom he said he had never seen before. “I did not submit.” Cowen said he scurried out of the room in fear for his life and was chased down hallways into a women’s bathroom, where he tried to barricade the door. “I felt in great danger and as if I was being abducted,” he said.

Pendleton forced his way inside, Cowen testified, and a scuffle ensued. As Pendleton tried to handcuff him, he said, the defendant sprayed him in the eyes with pepper spray. The professor said that his glasses helped shield him but that the spray stung painfully nonetheless and that the struggle left him with wounds on his face.

Cowen pushed his way out of the bathroom and toward a more crowded area where a “commanding” bystander stepped forward and barred Pendleton’s way until police arrived and arrested him.

“I was accused of having controlled his mind at a distance and also [of] sexual harassment,” Cowen said, explaining that the mind control allegedly occurred “by computer technology at a distance.” Cowen added that he has “never hacked into anyone’s computer.”


  1. "Koch brothers lieutenant"?

    I thought I had accidentally pulled up a Democratic Underground post,,,

  2. What is with this pathological obsession that some people have that try to link everything that isn't hardcore Communism to the Koch's? Shit people the Koch's don't own every damned thing in the world. Sheesh!