Sunday, April 27, 2014

What Donald Sterling Did Wrong

First, I want to make clear that there is nothing in the released Donald Sterling tape (SEE:  Oh Boy, Los Angeles Clippers' Owner Doesn't Want His Hot GF to Bring Black Guys to Clipper Games) that leads me to believe he is a racist. It appears to me that he is embarrassed about his girl friend posting pictures on instagram with black guys. Sterling specifically mentions black guys, because that's who she was posing with, but I really think he was thinking "young black studs." (Sterling is 81, so everyone is a young stud to him.)

If you travel in that crowd, athletes are known as very aggressive guys. I know a few girls that have had encounters with Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neil, Michael Jordan, etc...  The stories, I could tell.

Sterling, it appears to me, felt that by her hanging around these guys and posting pictures, she was giving the impression that she was putting out for these guys. That's Sterling's view not mine, but I believe that's what he was thinking. My view is that if you hang around with seriously beautiful women, the major players are going to make a run. And many black athletes are very aggressive, when making their moves. That's a fact.

A good friend of mine Christie S. (Think a Pamela Anderson lookalike, except prettier and smarter) once was surprised by an unexpected cheek licking experience from MJ. I once dated a very light skinned black girl, who was being pursued by Sahquille O'Neill, at the same time. Shaq actually has pretty good game (Not better than Wenzel, but good) and is pretty funny. She wouldn't take his calls and just let them roll over to voicemail. He would leave her "private rap songs." She once played one for me. The only part of  the lyric I remember was Shaq singing:
You can only be my fella
Because you are a high yella
Like, I said, if you are dealing with serious women, the major players are going to make a run. The key is to get into the heads of the women so that you can control any problems. In the classic pimp film The Mack, a veteran pimp gives the up and coming pimp, Goldie, the very wise advice, "Anybody can control a girl's body, the key is to control her mind." Despite lavishing her with very expensive gifts, (SEE: Whoa, Sterling Gave Stiviano a 2012 Ferrari, Two Bentleys and a 2013 Range Rover), it's clear that Sterling did not properly get into the head of V. Stiviano.

It's a mental game, and like most men, the very rich Sterling was outplayed.

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