Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What is Bitcoin? New Yorkers Say ‘Currency’ and ‘Shady’

Saumya Vaishampayan of MarketWatch writes:
What exactly does a random person on the street know about bitcoin?

To find out, I wandered around Rockefeller Center on a few sunny days in April and asked people if they could tell me anything about bitcoin. On one day, seven of the 12 people I approached said they didn’t know anything about bitcoin. Of the nine people who consented to be on video and knew something about bitcoin, eight mentioned that bitcoin is a form of currency. Some said they associated bitcoin with the word shady and some said they didn’t know too much about it. One woman said she associated bitcoin with low transaction costs.

MarketWatch’s Sally French compiled some of the answers into a short video.
The video is here.

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