Monday, April 7, 2014

With the Help of Bush Family Lieutenants, Rand Paul Raises $1.6 Million in First Quarter of 2104

WaPo has the report:
Paul’s haul includes $1.1 million for Rand Paul 2016, the freshman senator’s reelection campaign, and about $500,000 for Rand PAC, his political-action committee, which pays for Paul’s extensive political travel and supports like-minded Republicans...

A significant amount of Paul’s first-quarter take came from an Atlanta event in January, attended by investor Lane Moore and Nate Morris, a Paul ally and Kentucky businessman who once bundled funds for George W. Bush. Jack Oliver, another former Bush donor, who is aligned with former Florida governor Jeb Bush, was also there...

Other high-dollar affairs of note include a recent gathering at the Club for Growth’s retreat, and a fundraiser hosted by former ambassador Cathy Bailey, a former Bush mega-donor, in Palm Springs, Fla.
Is it not becoming obvious that Rand is  being co-opted  by the Bush Political Crime Family?


  1. I guess we are being prepped for a Rand Paul/Jeb Bush 2016 ticket w/ Jeb in there as VP/handler just as HW was to Reagan.

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  2. What about Rand's vote against Ukraine aid?

  3. That 1.1 million will buy about 6 TeleMundo commercials in South Florida and Texas.
    Rand Paul is nothing but the lubrication on a Jeb Bush suppository.

  4. The answer is NO.

  5. I'm with JT and Charles Burris on this one. We are being groomed. If we slowed our TV screen refresh rate we'd see "Jeb" flashes for split second about every 2 minutes.

  6. This again shows how stupid the Bush family is. Only a neocon idiot would give money to Rand Paul.