Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Lethal Quiet Moral Revolution

By Robert Ringer

The other day, a friend of mine was lamenting about how the America we grew up in had become a totally different country in such a short period of time. In a discouraged tone, he asked, “How did it happen?”

“It’s pretty simple,” I told him. “It happened while Americans were watching the NBA playoffs, sipping their bottles of Miller Lite, and stuffing themselves with triple-cheese pizzas. They simply ignored what was happening, because to comprehend it would have required thinking — and thinking takes effort.”

In the meantime, while everyone was focused the life of bread and circus, a lethal quiet moral revolution — that few people took seriously — was taking place in the shadows. I say lethal, because the moral standards of a civilization constitute its very foundation. And when that foundation is degraded, the civilization itself is in danger of being displaced by an entirely different civilization based on different moral standards.

The result of America’s moral revolution is that it caused a 180-degree shift America’s generally accepted code of conduct. Through gradualism, the barbarians inside our gates have persuaded (or intimidated) a large percentage of Americans into accepting the notion that many of our most cherished values and beliefs of yesteryear are immoral, and that, in our brave new world, some of the worst vices of the past are to be applauded and encouraged.

As a result, we now live in a world turned upside down, which means that most people today are ─ morally speaking — standing on their heads. That said, might I humbly suggest that this might be a good time to get out your moral compass and study it carefully? And, while doing so, keep in mind that one man or woman with courage is a majority.

… just sayin

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  1. It happened for may reasons, but first and foremost among them is that we allowed our country to become Israel's bitch.

    1. First and foremost? Not quite. The founding of this nation was accomplished in disobedience to God, and then we wonder why it's "become" so immoral and sinful. This nation was immoral from the start. What we're actually seeing is the fact that even a little sin can snowball into larger sin. Let the devil find an inroad and this is the result. Being at Israel's every beck and call is just heaping more crap on top of the large pile of dung that was already there.

  2. They didn't have the NBA playoffs in 1862 nor 1914.

    The american government has been on its militirist, statist drive for many decades.
    This county was screwed lomg before we were born and will probably be screwed long after we are dead.

  3. One question I have is who benefits from this moral inversion? And are they happy with the results?

    1. The moral inversion is not really about morality, but about power, since the original morality was about human rights and human dignity, and the inversion is about the concentration of power (those who seek power are amoral). The answer is to decentralize power by all peaceful means.

    2. The answer is to decentralize power by all peaceful means.

  4. What is moral, good and ethical? That is the critical thinking that's lacking in 98% of people I meet.

  5. Hmm, you mean even further there might be a connection between the campaign for income equality and marriage equality?
    That Geo. Orwell might need to update his dictionary app to accommodate the the redefinition of equal opportunity to mean equal outcome? Which necessarily means the lowest common denominator whether moral or economic?
    But that's what socialism is all about, little grasshopper. It's the kingdom of heaven on earth.
    Now scoot off to the prison camp for thinking otherwise.