Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Note on Tim Geithner's Father as CIA Agent

I have long suspected that former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's father was a high level CIA agent. See, for  example, NYT Comes Pretty Damn Close to Reporting that Obama and Geithner May Have Known Each Other When They Were Children in Asia.

In his new book, Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises, Geithner doesn't provide a smoking gun that shows his father was CIA, but he adds a number of tantalizing facts that certainly don't take away from my suspicion. His father sure did find his his way into global hot spots, working for organizations that continue to be known as organizations that house CIA operatives. Geithner writes:
My father soon joined the U.S. Agency for International Development and moved us to southern Rhodesia....

When I was six, the Ford Foundation asked my father to help with programs in New Dehli....my parents friends were Indian artists, activists and intellectuals, as well as expats who worked at interesting places such as Oxfam, CARE and the World Bank...

[J]ust as I was feeling comfortable in my own country, my parents announced that we were moving to Thailand, where my father was going to run the Ford Foundation's programs in Southeast Asia...

India and Pakistan had a brief war while we were living in New Dehli...

There was a coup in Thailand while we were there...


  1. I always wondered if some of the bigger investment houses and banks had ties to cia....I mean carlyle had carlucci et al...so why not others ?

  2. "U.S. Agency for International Development"

    Hmmm, didn't Obushma's commie mommy work for U.S.A.I.D too? Maybe she was a C.I.A agent like Bevis Geithners daddy. Maybe Obushma himself is an asset of The Company. That would certainly explain how he got in to Columbia and Harvard with such ease and why his academic and medical records have never been leaked.

    1. It certainly would explain that, and more.

    2. You mean people still doubt that Bush1, Clinton(s), Bush2, and Obama are members of The Company? Really? The overwhelming circumstantial and actual evidence cannot be denied by rational people. Hell, Bush1 was CIA Director!

  3. a note on the world bank:

    World Bank and aid donors accused of enabling land grabs
    Millions of smallholder farmers worldwide have been left homeless and hungry because of private investment promoted by policies such as tax breaks and cheap loans, says report

    d donors and international institutions including the World Bank and World Economic Forum (WEF) have been accused of promoting an environment that fuels land grabs through policies and initiatives that pave the way for large-scale private investment.

    In a report published on Tuesday, the NGO ActionAid says public money and policy incentives such as tax breaks and cut-price loans are facilitating land deals that threaten the lives and livelihoods of small-scale farmers in poor countries.

    ActionAid warns that the consequences of such deals, which are too often happening behind closed doors and with little or no consultation with local communities, include "forced evictions, human rights violations, lost livelihoods, divided communities … rising food insecurity and, ultimately, increased poverty".

    A spokesman for the World Bank said it was also concerned about the risks of large-scale land deals and stressed that it did not support investments that took advantage of weak institutions in developing countries.